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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Window Shopping on the Net

Today I was on the website and they had these beautiful crosses by Charriol jewelry . I collect crosses and I thought these were really pretty . My favorites are

Bubble cross necklace, Diamond cross necklace and the Bacci cross necklace. I will have to post some of other ones I own a little later. The crosses I collect I have found everywhere from Forever 21 to Hsn to silver jewelry stores.

They also had these shoes by Bloch. There ballerina flats really cute but by the time went back to see some of the pictures they were sold out.

I usually wear heels but i never realized how cute ballerina flats could be !

I was able to order the 24/7 liners from Urban Decay yesterday because the were on sale for $20.00 , I will post pics and a review when I receive them.

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