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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Free Hair product and Fashion

Today in the mail I received a 5 fl oz of Redken straight lassage power tame 16. A few weeks ago when I requested the sample I thought it was going to be a sample those little plastic or paper things that they send you with barely enough to test if you like it or not .I was really surprised because it really looks like a full size product I'll post a picture so u can see what I mean. The only problem I have well, it's not really a problem I started this no heat kick last month. I have very curly hair and its never been past shoulder length but with the help of some good advice from the long hair care forum it's finally barely past my shoulders and I know its because I have been putting less heat on it. So I will try the new Redken but I'm gonna try and wait a little longer is all.
I was checking out Cache today very nice clothes a little on the expensive side but they have 30% off right now with the code K090917. There was a halter top that was gorgeous I will try and post a link.
I also checked out Hautelook and today they had a line by Susan Fixel called Bejeweled which reminded me because of the art Ed Hardy but Bejeweled is way more feminie . There were not alot of skulls and snakes on any of the items they were more on the pretty side which I liked alot .

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