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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tree and Shopping Weekend

This weekend it rained off and on so it was ugly almost the entire weekend but on Sunday it cleared up enough for us to go buy a Christmas tree!
On Saturday morning me and Caleb decided to do some shopping to start getting ready for the holidays.
First stop was the Dollar Tree, yep you heard me I’ve crossed over to the dark side lol!! I never realized how much stuff you could get there. Besides dish washing liquid, cleaning products they had a golf club and a tennis racket that was compatible with the Nintendo Wii for $1.00 each wowser!! I bought them and tried them out at home and yes I suck at golf and tennis but they worked! I also bought a Santa Claus cookie plate and some little tubs with lids that had Christmas scenery on them. They also had wrapping paper, tape, a lot of things for the kitchen.
Next door was the store Didi’s Discount, I was looking for a pair of glove and a hat for Caleb because he is going to be a caroler in his school’s Christmas show. They did have any but my son found what he calls “cool skater shirts” whatever that means. The shirts were nice looking so at $4.99 a pop they were a bargain!
Then the last stop was Walmart , what I don’t understand is every time I go in there I can’t seem to walk out without spending over $50.00 and if you asked me what I bought I couldn’t tell you! I bought a charger for Caleb’s Nintendo Dsi because he lost his. Oh, and I bought some groceries, I think….
Saturday night my boyfriend came over (thanks Eharmony) and we just watched movies made dinner and hung out because it was pouring outside, the tree would just have to wait until Sunday morning.

Sunday morning me , Caleb and Derek (boyfriend) got up and went to get the tree and go shopping at Target which is another store I can’t seem to walk out of without spending over $50.00. I bought an ink cartridge and 2 boxes of Christmas lights and I’m going blank on what else I bought. Then in the same parking lot they were selling Christmas trees and I don’t even have to tell you how much I spent because you already know J Then we went to Walmart (yes again) and I bought a topper for the tree and some lights that were $1.84 a box. Ok so we get home set up the tree and the $1.84 lights didn’t work why am I not surprised! I tried the light from Target, the Phillips led light are beautiful they look like little crystals the other brand were ugly and it didn’t help that they didn’t light up. So out we go again to return the defective light and buy more of the Phillip brand lights. They were $8.39 on sale which is I think high but they were really worth it. I posted pick of the tree and some of the things I bought.

Today I was on slick deals and there was a post that Best Buy has the game Ghostbusters on line for sale for $19.00 plus .99cents shipping for the Wii. I went ahead and bought it because the reviews seem to be really good also several people had said that the original actors from the movie did the voices for the game, cool! I also bought the game Wario Land: Shake it online from Game Spot. With a code that someone posted I got 10% off and free shipping! On Amazon I bought as a gift for one of my boyfriend’s daughter a Konad kit. Konad Kits are nail design kits that come with plates so you can imprint a design on you nails. I’ll post a picture when I receive it and after the holidays I will buy one and post some pictures after I try to do my own nails.

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