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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wonderful or Maybe Wack Wednesday ?

Happy wonderful wack Wednesday (cause it ain't Friday!!)
I recieved an email from Delia's, it's a website with really cute clothes that are for lets just say "younger" than me, girls, ladies you know what I mean. Anyway I decided to check it out and they had some really cute items that any woman of any age can wear especially since the sizes go from 0 to 2xl for the clothing and the jeans go from 0 to 19.
If your one of those people who happens to be lucky enough to get to go away to somewhere hot during the winter there are some really pretty dresses available. Or if your like me you try and buy a few summer things before the summer actually gets here!

I like the lace detail on this dress. It's called the Melanie dress and it's $19.99. I thought with a little shawl, or cropped sweater or even a belting a cute cardigan over it would be cute.

This one is called the Christine Chiffon dress and is $19.99 also. I love the colors in this one. Either one of these could probably be worn over a bathing suit.

The jeans are buy one get the second pair half off right now. The sizes run from 0 to 19 and the washes go from light to dark blue, they also have several different colors. I like the ones pictured here in the dark wash and yes I am a true believer in darker colors make you look THINNER!!  So if I purchased two of these they would come out to be about $33.38 each with the deal thats going on right now. Also there is s choice in what inseam, from 26 to 36 which is nice. I'm only 5'2 and alot of times when I find jeans that I like I have to get them altered because there always too long. Check them out if you get a chance there is a link on my blog..somewhere on the side I think :)

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