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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I received my order from Smashbox. I ordered the Smashbox Rapture eyeshadow & brush collection and a eyeshadow compact that holds six eyeshadows.

The eyeshadow holder had 2 inserts you could switch, one for six small eyeshadows and the other for 2 large eyeshadows and three small eyeshadows.
The eyeshadow & brush collection comes with 8 eyeshadows and two brushes, the names of the eyeshadows starting with the left side going down Grace, Enchanting ,Dreamscape, Twilight. Right side from top to bottom Splendid, Desire, Delightful, Gala. And 2 eyeshadow brushes #32 shadow brush & #15 definer brush.

The only thing about the eyeshadows is they are smaller than the normal size Smashbox eyeshadows

The eyeshadows are more the size of the creme liner or brow tech

As a gift I recieved a sample of their mascara called lash DNA and O-gloss lip gloss

I'll do some swatches probably tomorrow and post them for you guys.

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