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Monday, January 4, 2010

Victoria's Secret Makeup Haul and Review

Before Christmas I had placed an order for some eyeshadows and lip glosses from Victoria's Secret.  I had gotten a Secret Santa card from one of their promotions during the holiday and it was only good until 12/24/09 , so you know I had to buy something :) I purchased five eyeshadows at $4.00 a piece and a lip gloss and balm set. for $14.99.  The total was $45.10, but after the $10.00 Secret Santa card and 20% off the total came down to $25.00.

The eyeshadows were just ok..... I wasn't really impressed , I did post some swatches below. The problem was to get the colors to show I had to press them onto my hand a few times to make the color show up. I still will try them on my eyes and post that also when I get a chance.
The names of the colors from left to right are : glow nude -a pretty  almost white shimmery color
blutopia - very pretty blue almost tourquoise , bronze ambition- not really that pretty , plum passions- so so, and brown to earth - not that great.

The lipglosses weren't that great either. They all tasted great is you like candy and are into eating lip gloss.....which isn't my thing , But the colors weren't showing up. I would use the glosses for a top coat over my lipstick or another lipgloss that has more color.

So on a scale of 1 to 10 ? I give them a 5....
So my search!!

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