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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday, Stila and Restriction!!

My 8 year old son is on restriction this weekend, for getting pink slips.... If I get another slip I'm gonna lose my mind! And what that also means bascially is that I'm on restriction too, his punishment is he has to stay in this weekend. No visiting the cousins , no park  and no video games. Now Mind you I didn't take away TV privileges but according to him what is he suppose to do without the video games? lol!!

Someone should start a weekend restriction or detention camp for kids! When they are grounded for the weekend you can drop them off and they have to stay there for the weekend. They would have to do manual labor and all the schoolwork they didn't do during the week !! lol!

Now on to the fun stuff!
Stila is offering 50% off of two  of the 4 eyeshadow compacts , I posted some pics below, the link is Stila Cosmetics, happy shopping!!

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