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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Forever 21 Makeup

Its Raining AGAIN!!!
I was in the Forever 21 in West Covina and bought three of their little makeup kits to try them out. They were each $4.80 which wasn't bad at all and the salesperson told me that they were made by the same people who make the Sephora brand of makeup. I don't know if thats really true or not but I've never tried Sephora's brand of makeup anyway. When I shop at Sephora I'm buying everything else but that, lol!
Here are some pics and I will post a review probably this weekend also.

This is a pic with the eyeshadows dry and with a little primer.

And this is with them wet with the primer, the colors are really pretty.

These are the colors from the Blooming Rose kit wet and dry, very nice!

This one is midnight smoke wet and dry .
I will try them and post a review of how well the colors lasted in a few days.

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